23rd October 2015
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Last summer my sister took a break from fashion design in the US and came back to London to live with me. She owns a really cute dog breed called Layla, a Chinese Crested that is a powder puff version. Layla is not a very loud dog and rarely barks, and whilst I’m out at my office day job she’ll be resting on my bed so I’m told.

I took these photos because summer was seemingly passing by at a rapidly and I wanted to be reminded that even in the busy London lifestyle that we live in there will always be these moments to appreciate at a slower pace.

~Nicholas Lau Photography~

Nicholas-lau-nicholau-lifestyle-portrait-film-photography-fuji-400-400H-contax-645-garden-girl-summer-blackberries-blueberries-raspberries-mix-drink-refreshing Nicholas-lau-nicholau-lifestyle-portrait-film-photography-fuji-400--contax-645-garden-girl-taiwanese-summer-sunny-floral-dress-pale-bob-hair-berry-blackberries-drink-refreshing-blueberries-mixNicholas-lau-nicholau-lifestyle-portrait-film-photography-fuji-400-contax-645-garden-girl-taiwanese-summer-sunny-floral-dress-pale-bob-hair-berries-crisp-refreshing-mix-drink-sittingNicholas-lau-nicholau-lifestyle-portrait-film-photography-fuji-400-contax-645-garden-girl-taiwanese-summer-sunny-floral-dress-pale-bob-hair-berries-crisp-refreshing-mix-drink-sitting-rasberry-drinkNicholas-lau-nicholau-lifestyle-portrait-film-photography-fuji-400-contax-645-garden-girl-taiwanese-summer-sunny-floral-dress-pale-bob-hair-heels-nude-bench-relaxing-day-beautifulNicholas-lau-nicholau-lifestyle-portrait-film-photography-fuji-400-contax-645-garden-girl-taiwanese-summer-sunny-floral-dress-pale-bob-hair-charming-elegant-sitting-pretty-dog-beautiful-girl-relaxingNicholas-lau-nicholau-lifestyle-portrait-film-photography-fuji-400-contax-645-garden-girl-taiwanese-summer-sunny-floral-dress-pale-bob-hair-charming-elegant-sitting-pretty-dog-beautiful-girlNicholas-lau-nicholau-lifestyle-portrait-film-photography-fuji-400-contax-645-garden-girl-taiwanese-summer-sunny-floral-dress-pale-bob-hair-chinese-crested-powder-puff-fluffy-cute-dogNicholas-lau-nicholau-lifestyle-portrait-film-photography-fuji-400-contax-645-garden-girl-taiwanese-summer-sunny-floral-dress-pale-chinese-crested-powder-puff-powderpuff-fluffy Nicholas-lau-nicholau-lifestyle-portrait-film-photography-fuji-400-contax-645-garden-girl-taiwanese-summer-sunny-floral-dress-pale-bob-hair-best-friend-dog-chinese-crested-in-lapNicholas-lau-nicholau-lifestyle-portrait-film-photography-fuji-400H-contax-645-garden-girl-taiwanese-summer-sunny-floral-dress-hair-around-the-corner-chinese-powderpuff-powder-puff-dogCamera: Contax 645 | Film: Fuji 400H | Dev/Scan: UK Film Lab | Icon: Watercolour


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23rd October 2015

Very natural and beautiful photoshoot. Layla’s eyes are so unique for a dog, very fox like. She’s a lovely Chinese Powderpuff.

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25th October 2015

Soft and natural colours are perfect.
You expressed the virtue of Film in these photos.
Contax645 has a wonderful feel of the shutter.

Avatar for Pennie
13th November 2015

These photos have a regal look and they give me the feeling of high tea in the garden. Layla looks like as though she belongs in a palace, the colours in these photos are soft so the feel of romance is there. The glass of berry drink is a very appropriate, clever touch. Overall the effects of these photos bring out the summer feel and both the female model and Layla, together with the setting have made these photos such a joy to look at.

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Wing Lau
18th December 2015

These photos are a joy to look at, such a relaxing feel to them.

Nicholas you have a flare to turn a normal photo shoot into such a artistic portfolio of life style photos.

Avatar for Nicholas
19th February 2016

Thank you all! I think details in day to day life are best captured in film.

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3rd November 2016

Layla’s legs are so long, so cute, haha

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