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18th February 2019
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This was a lovely quick engagement shot with some friends that was done a year ago. It’s nice to see the sunlight and flowers…something to look forward too again soon after this winter ends.

~Nicholas Lau Photography~

375A1876 0L0A5102 375A1786 0L0A5151 0L0A5170 375A1839 0L0A5181 0L0A5209 0L0A5072 375A2059 0L0A5373 0L0A5375 0L0A5441 375A1773 375A2075 375A1811 375A1923 375A1898 375A1957 0L0A5257 0L0A5313 375A1969 375A1989 375A2040Location: London | Icon: Watercolour 

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