Q: How long is the turn around for receiving my photos?
A: I would say to allow for 4-6 weeks. The final processed photos will be transferred via Google Drive, DVD or memory stick.

Q: How many images will I receive for weddings and engagements?
A: Typically for weddings: 400-600 processed frames. Engagement: 50-100 processed frames.

Q: How long will you keep the files in case we lose ours?
A: 10 years, if you do lose them you can contact me for another copy within this time period.

Q: What rights do I have to the digital images?
A: I obtain the copyright to the images but you have my permission to print, share and use them but not for  uncredited commercial use.

Q: Do you offer any album making?
A: Not at this time, but for albums I recommend either of these two companies Artifact Uprising & Blurb

Q: Do you do destination weddings?
A: Yes, would love to travel to different locations.

Q: Do we have to feed you at full day weddings?
A: If you could that would be much appreciated! I don’t need to have the same meal as your guests, but something simple would be real great.

Q: How do we book you?
A: A 20% booking fee and signing of a contract.

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